• Not Again


    Not Again 






    This shit… It never leaves you. I mean, it's never going away ! This sadness… This feeling that's been holding you down for days, for weeks ! It's always there !


    And sometimes you think «please, leave me alone». But in those times, it never does. It keeps bugging you, keeps holding you back.


    Some days you'll smile and be happy and think about something else. You'll help others and feel uplifted. But it won't last. No it won't, 'cause the shitty thing is still here. It's sitting in the darkness on the other side of the room, but it's still here. You won't look at it, you won't talk about it, you will IGNORE it all the way. But it'll still be here.


    It's watching you, it's playing you, it's never leaving you alone. It's like a cloud constantly raining over your head, a knife always pointed in your back, ready to stabb you. It hurts but you'll shut up ! You'll never tell anyone about it. And you'll let it eat you. Slowly…


    It doesn't really eat you. It kills you, though. It wants you dead. It wants you sad. It wants you lost. It wants you lonely… But it is coming from your own mind. It's coming from your own head. So is that you ? Is that you trying to hurt yourself ? Is this all your worries coming together against you ? Is this you ?


    You'll never know… But hey, look ! It's back again.

    Hello. AGAIN.




    Not Again ??


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