• The thought of you

    The thought of you


    The thought of you is consuming.

    It burns a little more each day, it erases my reality.

    It is dark and it is harsh,

    it is a knife eating my flesh in the night.


    The love of you is deadly.

    And I feel so hopeless

    I forget to breathe.


    The thought of you is so loud,

    it is driving me crazy

    just a second into it and I'm losing my way

    I can't tell right from wrong, right from left, here from there, now from then, Oh !


    And I am aching,

    the pain is physical.

    It flows through my veins

    with every beat of my heart

    and I want it to stop right away.


    'cause I know it's beating for you

    but I don't know you anymore

    and you don't know me anymore

    so end this pain, Oh God.

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