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    Feeling alone, lonely, lost.

    Feeling scared, angry, careless at the same time

    Feeling the air, where they took place


    Wanting to feel relieved

    Crawling to old demons for comfort

    For a fake love, to cover the pain

    Without healing it…




    I don't hear what's going on

    inside my head.

    I just wanna write, not make any sense

    nobody understands,




    Wanting to fight,

    only screaming inside

    my head

    as always. Still running away

    from myself


    People lie !


    Wishing fearlessness, having weakness

    hands not seeming real,

    like smoke

    light, sucked into darkness

    Were they ever here, though ?







  • Commentaires

    Dimanche 10 Septembre 2017 à 15:26

    J'aime beaucoup ce chanteur, alors je ne peux qu'approuver !

      • Lundi 11 Septembre 2017 à 09:45

        Ha ha, merci moi aussi j'aime beaucoup ce qu'il fait ! :)

        merci d'être passée!

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