• Gabriel



    Parfois, on a juste besoin d'y mettre des mots...


    I remember The day. I was a mess. I messed up everything. I thought I was going to handle it well, keep it all inside and shut up. But I couldn't. I can't. I can't just shut up when you are calling me, when you are asking me to remember, to tell you something.

    I feel like I owe you something... A 'good bye', maybe ? I need to build you a grave, where I can go when I feel all alone. Where I can go to remember. Where I can go when you are calling me. I can't let you without a bed, without a place to rest. I owe you this, I have to give you at least your place on Earth.


    They called you back too fast ! Now I miss you, and I won't let you go. I stick a smile on my face and wake up happily every morning, but whenever I think about you, the mask falls off my face. My success is yours, I give it to you. I don't need their congratulations without you. I don't need rewards for a work I have done while loosing you. Because I burried you for it. Dirtyly. I shut the noise telling me it wasn't fine, and now it haunts me.


    I have to dig you out, I will start over. I am starting over. I am giving you the funerals you need, I am giving you a grave. I am rocking you, dear child, dear Angel. I am singing to you, Gabriel-le. And I am telling you it is OK. I could never let you go, so I make room for you in my mind. I make room for you to sleep, now you can Rest In Peace. <3


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